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Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon RV Resort/Campground will offer the Page community revitalization in the areas of tourism, business, and economic development opportunities. The mission is to promote and develop income-generating development projects on the Reservation, to promote incentives for a strong business environment, to obtain fair returns on tribal investments, and to create employment and business opportunities.

The Lower Antelope Canyon RV Resort/Campground is also intended to function as a retail space, providing affordable space for entrepreneurs to sell their wares.  The location will serve as a place of business to new artisans that provide crafts that are not often advertised in Page, Arizona, nor the surrounding communities.

Lastly, the intended design of the Lower Antelope Canyon RV Resort/Campground is to supplement and encourage business growth, not replace existing businesses.  It is expected that new businesses will develop near the site as demand for the Lower Antelope Canyon RV Resort/Campground’s services increase.

Below is a brief video (no audio) that shows what the finished campground is anticipated to look like.

Antelope Canyon Flyover

Below are renderings we developed for the project site.